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Benefits of Salmon Fishing

16/09/2013 21:02
In our society nowadays, Salmon Fishing is considered as one of the good sports. This activity can give us good a benefit aside from this sport is very entertaining and a good way of relieving stress. Here are some benefits of salmon fishing: 1.    You can spend quality time with...

BC Salmon Fishing and Salmon Fishing Canada: The Best Places to Fish

27/07/2013 17:28
More and bigger Salmon fishing always poses a marvelous challenge. Whether it’s in rivers and lakes or in the ocean, a salmon will always be a terrific catch for a determined fisher folk. If you’re planning to go salmon fishing this year, the season has already started, one place where salmons are...

Fly Fishing Salmon in British Columbia

16/06/2013 14:07
Those who have tried BC salmon fishing can certainly say that such experience is definitely fantastic. In case you didn’t know, British Columbia has the river that produces a lot of salmon and another river that has the biggest Coho salmon run.  There are even some rivers in British Columbia...

The best fishing spots in the Vancouver Island

29/05/2013 15:00
For quite some time, the island of Vancouver has been world renowned for saltwater and freshwater fishing. The rich waters with all the variety of fish is the reason the island has been recognized as the “Salmon Capital of World” and the “Fly Fishing Capital of Canada”. In most, if not all, the...

Salmon fishing Canada – water adventures made worthwhile

29/04/2013 19:42
The ultimate pleasures of a holiday destination are in its salient adventure offers; the water adventures, sky adventures and even on road experiences! Out of all of them, when one thinks of water adventures, there is none better than the classic fish and the bait trivia and a lot of places in this...

Where are they?

27/03/2013 20:29
Salmons are very unpredictable since they are either found in the sea or in the river. Salmons take a route at these two bodies of water alternatively for some reasons.   Salmons naturally live in fresh water, specifically in the river, since eggs are not suitable in sea water because of...

Setting Up On a Fishing Charter for Yourself

04/03/2013 03:09
If you want to enjoy a memorable fishing experience with your loved ones, you basically have two options to choose from. First is by hiring the services of a BC Salmon Fishing charter service provider, who may be more than willing to accompany you in your extraordinary fishing experience. If you...

First blog

31/01/2013 06:46
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.
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