BC Salmon Fishing and Salmon Fishing Canada: The Best Places to Fish

27/07/2013 17:28

More and bigger

Salmon fishing always poses a marvelous challenge. Whether it’s in rivers and lakes or in the ocean, a salmon will always be a terrific catch for a determined fisher folk. If you’re planning to go salmon fishing this year, the season has already started, one place where salmons are bigger and greater number is on BC salmon fishing grounds. You’ll never find a better place to fish for salmon and they’re present different varieties. There are several salmon species that appear in alternate manners there.

Record catch

In the month of May, lasting till the month of September, Chinooks are always the first to appear. The record setting commercial Chinook salmon haul was caught on BC salmon fishing grounds in the closing years of the 70’s at 126 pounds. This type of salmon is also known as the king salmon.  They have two magnificent attributes that gave them that name. One is their size. They’re the largest salmon species in the world. And also, for most salmon eaters, they’re the best tasting as well; although some prefer other species; the salt water Chinooks that is. Once they go back to fresh water and their flesh turns red, they become useless as human food. They’re canned for pet foods instead.

More salmon to catch

Through the month of June to October, more salmon species are available for fishing. The cohos, chums and sockeyes will be abundantly available. The fishing adventure continues as you explore more fishing grounds to your heart’s content. It’s going to be exciting from the first day of the open season until the last day at BC salmon fishing areas. You’ll get more treats if you go Salmon fishing Canada. Aside from the rich fishing grounds in British Columbia, Vancouver is also another great fishing destination. Canada has thousands of places to fish. It has a lot to offer if you want to have a wonderful fishing experience.

Comfortable places to stay

There are several excellent fresh water and salt water lodges waiting for you. They are run by respectable operators whose only purpose is to make your Salmon fishing Canada truly a pleasant time. They’re clean, comfortable, and have delicious food waiting for you. And there are also charter boats and professional guides waiting to just make your salmon fishing season as enjoyable as they are prosperous. It’s a whole season of fishing affairs and you’ll never experience any dull moments at all.

Follow the laws

To help you make your fishing in Canada truly a rewarding event, the country has several fishing rules and regulations in place to guide you to make the best of it.  Salmon fishing Canada will always be a great destination because these laws will ensure that there are always sufficient numbers of fish for everyone to catch. You’ll be better informed by reading them on the internet. These laws are as much as for your protection also. You’ll be guided on how to deal with fishing guides, charter boat owners, hotel and lodge proprietors. Everything is taken care of for your comfort and convenience.