Fly Fishing Salmon in British Columbia

16/06/2013 14:07

Those who have tried BC salmon fishing can certainly say that such experience is definitely fantastic. In case you didn’t know, British Columbia has the river that produces a lot of salmon and another river that has the biggest Coho salmon run.  There are even some rivers in British Columbia that were ignored by some fishermen, not knowing that it has the most number of salmon per square foot. So if you are a fan of salmon fishing Canada, then you should visit the region of British Columbia one of these days.

Fraser River

If you meet someone who is fond of fishing, he will certainly recommend that you experience fly fishing salmon in British Columbia, especially in the Fraser River. The river is known for its amazing variety of salmon species and this river has the biggest salmon run all over the world. There are five different species of salmon that one can catch in the Fraser River when they go on BC salmon fishing and these are the Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, Chum and Pink salmon. Access to the river is by means of boat and those who want to try boat fishing can also do it on the river.

Coho Salmon

The best species of salmon that you can find in the river of British Columbia is the Coho Salmon. The Cho has an amazing run and it leaps away in an acrobatic motion that gives thrill and excitement to any fisherman. The Coho would hole up in the water not more than a knee deep and they tend to keep themselves away from other species in the river. However, if you see a smooth patch of some darker water in run, while you enjoy salmon fishing Canada, then give it a try. Of all the rivers in British Columbia, it’s the Pitt River that has the largest run of the Wild Coho Salmon. This usually starts in late September and would run until the early days of December. In case you have not seen the Coho yet, this fish actually features a bright silver texture on the tip.

Harrison River

The Harrison River in British Columbia is also among the most favourite places of those who want to go on a BC salmon fishing adventure. This is just a short river, thus, the salmon would often stack up in this river in huge masses and seemed like waiting for spawning time. It has been said that the pink salmon would often stack up in Harrison River every odd year, such as 2009 and 2011, creating some kind of a traffic jam, and thus, it is a great place for all levels of fly fishing.

The shoreline of Tofino in BC is also a great location for your BC salmon fishing adventure, especially if you are into saltwater fly fishing. Here, you get to catch large Chinook salmon especially during the month of August. Remember that there is a separate license that is required for saltwater fishing in British Columbia, different from the rest of the regions in Canada where you can also enjoy salmon fishing Canada.