The best fishing spots in the Vancouver Island

29/05/2013 15:00

For quite some time, the island of Vancouver has been world renowned for saltwater and freshwater fishing. The rich waters with all the variety of fish is the reason the island has been recognized as the “Salmon Capital of World” and the “Fly Fishing Capital of Canada”. In most, if not all, the communities and villages in the region, there are opportunities for year-round commercial and sport fishing. All of these communities are found near the ocean and thus they provide endless services for fishing and tours.

There are two types of Ucluelet Fishing Charters: saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Many of the largest salmons can be found in the saltwater areas of the island. Many of these areas provide year-round salmon fishing because of the mild climate of Vancouver and their protected waters. There are numerous popular spots for saltwater fishing. The first would be the Northern Vancouver Island, in which Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Alert bay can be found. These areas are located near the route of salmon migration so it’s not difficult to reel in a big one. Another spot is situated a little north of Port Hardy and is called the Rivers Inlet. Rivers Inlet is recognized as one of the best places to fish for Chinook salmon that can weigh to more than seventy pounds. Going a little south, found in the middle of Vancouver islands is Campbell River which is the area that has been dubbed the “Salmon Capital of the World” as previously mentioned. The Pacific Rim is located on the west coast Vancouver Island and it is also known for the good salmon, halibut, and lingcod. The area considers fishing one of its traditions that has been done for thousands of years. In the South Island, the waters here are rich with salmon because it is the primary route for the migration of the fish. Last on the list are the Gulf Islands and they also have opportunities for year-round salmon fishing.

Vancouver Island fishing is popular not only for salmons and halibut; it is also known for the fly fishing. The island has many steelhead rivers and there are also streams that are purely dedicated to fly fishing. Many of these rivers and streams are also popular hotspots, which includes the earlier mentioned “Flu Fishing Capital of Canada” which is the Cowichan River. It is known for having the best trout in the island, but people come to the river for other species like the rainbow, cutthroat, and salmon steelhead.  Another area for trout fishing is the Sayward Forest in the North Island. The forest is home to many great freshwater lakes like Vernon Lake, Woss Lake and Shoen Lake. The Stamp, Somass, Campbell and Quinsam rivers are known for trout and salmon. The latter two rivers are popular areas for steelhead fishing in the months of fall and winter. There is another river that is recognized in the island as the premiere steelhead river called the Gold River. The waters rich with fish are located near a wilderness village with the same name. Lastly, Salt Spring Island is home to St. Mary’s Lake and Weston Lake the waters of which are filled with several species of fish and offer opportunities for fly fishing.

The list of popular hotspots does not end there and the island of Vancouver has so much more to offer in terms of quality fishing. Vancouver Island fishing has definitely much to brag about and is definitely worthy of being world renowned.