Where are they?

27/03/2013 20:29

Salmons are very unpredictable since they are either found in the sea or in the river. Salmons take a route at these two bodies of water alternatively for some reasons.   Salmons naturally live in fresh water, specifically in the river, since eggs are not suitable in sea water because of the salty particles. So basically it’s the river where they are grown from young ones to a highly-seek salmons. To begin with, salmons spawn in the fresh water so the eggs won’t be soaked in salt. In the river, they stay quite a time until they grow big. They pace off the river when they are already too big that the source of feeding their selves in the freshwater is no longer appropriate since food are not anymore sufficient to suffice their big belly. So, they migrate all the way to the sea/ocean to spare their lives. In the sea, they are more expose to little fishes which they eat. But often than not, salmons also get pregnant. They need to hatch their eggs but not practically in the sea. Sea water will not be a perfect place for these eggs. So from the sea, they get back to their native space where they first grow- the river. There they spawn and guide their offspring until they hatch. So Salmons are only found in river and sea, though in some cases, in the pond. Canadians and non-natives run a boat all the way to these two bodies of water to catch the legendary fish, or some might not consider salmons that way.

Salmon Fishing Canada has already been a common undertaking to many people in the west coast of Canada. BC Salmon Fishing is very promising for salmon anglers since this is where salmons are frequently living. Salmons come in varied sizes, but in the sea level, they are enormous to wit. A bait need not to be too luring because salmons are many in the sea. Salmon Fishing Canada has been an exciting escapade for many since it’s a challenge to catch one, but the ending is equally rewarding for them. If you don’t want to risk in the sea expedition, you can have it plain and safe in the rivers and do the BC Salmon fishing there. Though smaller salmons are found in freshwater, salmons there are totally amazing to catch. Just be sure to have perfect baits for your fishing run.

Salmons are considered immigrants since they are sometimes unpredictable about their domiciles- sometimes in the river, sometimes in the sea. But all is a challenge to pursue. If you really want to be certain about the spot where these salmons are found myriad, you can take some advices from the expert salmon anglers. If you want some big catch, you can find huge of them in the sea since that’s where they go when they are all grown up. If you want to have a normal fishing, you can route to some rivers in BC to catch some salmons there.